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Hamerkop (Annabel Alpers, Ex-Bachelorette) Performs two space pop shows in surround sound

'Remote' is a project by Hamerkop -Annabel Alpers (whose previous project was international heralded Bachelorette) with Adam Cooke (sound engineer for Wye Oak, Beach House, other amazing Baltimore bands): Space pop in a five speaker/subwoofer surround-sound setting.

Remote is an exploration of the beauty of sound, inspired by Alpers’ collection of field recordings from her homeland and beyond, creating an experience that'll immerse you in beautiful, transformative imaginaries. It's a live sonic installation, with the audience in the midst of a room of speakers, as music builds and crescendos around you.The resulting work still contains the pop sentiment of Alpers’ previous work in Bachelorette, anchored by Cooke’s minimalist drumming as she expands her use of experimental textures and vocal layers. One night only, before they fly back to Baltimore!

Thursday, 21 February

Carter Observatory, Wellington

Thursday, 28 February

Q Theatre, Auckland Fringe, Auckland