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Management from 2008 - 2017

Annabel Alpers' psychedelic pop-making femme-bot alter-ego Bachelorette has headlined worldwide intimate shows; toured with Beach House, Low, The Magnetic Fields, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, The Wye Oak, Bill Callahan and Peter Bjorn and John; and created stunning and innovative visual soundwave accompaniment to harmonic vocal crescendo, guitar and keyboards. Her music is lush, her lyrics evocative.

Annabel's songs are featured in several large advertising campaigns and independent and major movie productions.

Bachelorette's discography can be found on the amazing Drag City Records:

The End of Things - 2011 rerelease (original release 2005)

Isolation Loops - 2010 rerelease (original release 2007)

My Electric Family - 2009

Bachelorette - 2011

For more information about Bachelorette, click here!


Orchestra of Spheres

Management from 2012 - 2016

To see Orchestra of Spheres is mesmerising and an amazingly good time. The band make their own instruments and outfits, and craft a psychedelic, afropopesque, polyrhythmic messed up sonic experience that Sun Ra would be proud of. Their 2016 release, Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon, brought them to the attention of The Guardian, who picked them as 'New band of the week'. They've gathered a large and dedicated fanbase throughout Europe, playing festivals in Iceland, caves in Germany, and large concerts and unique spaces worldwide.

Orchestra of Spheres Discography and more information can be found on their website:

Space Art Music - 2009

Bad Spheres - 2011

Numbers EP - 2011

Nonagonic Now - 2011

Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music - 2013

Fingerweg 7" - 2014

Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon - 2016