Proud to be independant

In 2001, Mystery Girl Presents, (the first incarnation of Susie Says!), jumped head-first into the world of international touring to facilitate touring aspirations of awesome international bands. As a lover of music, events and stress, this outlet allowed for all three to be rolled into one. Starting with Drag City's David Grubbs, MGP toured Manitoba, Bob Mould, Sleater-Kinney in the first three months, quickly followed by MGP's following 40+ New Zealand tours.

A foray into a ten-year stint in Portland, Oregon, led to managing Bachelorette and Orchestra of Spheres. Now Susie Says! is delighted to be back in New Zealand, and working with live music once again. 2018 ended in an awesome flurry, with PR and and a three-date anniversary tour for NZ icon Bic Runga, and three sold-out Future Island shows.

Currently working music PR, band management and New Zealand tours, Susie Says! is your one-stop promotions shop. And proudly independent!